Dirty Martini – Bishopsgate

Dirty Martini III – Bishopsgate has two sister cocktail bars in London’s Covent Garden and Hanover Square. Grapes Design set the president with the design of their infamous – Dirty Martini – Hanover Square. The challenge was to take the concept to the city, we felt there was a serious gap in the market, in my view there’s not a professional cocktail venue that’s now accessible for the city. Our aim was to take the accents of the `Dirty Martini’ but give them a subtle twist.

Formidable graphic elements had there part to play, firstly an idea to create a giant illuminated ceiling above the entire bar, Grapes Design commissioned artist – Russ Mills to help them create a series of illustrations around the new concept, ‘High fashion meets manikin punk’. These images also formed the backdrop to the main cocktail lounge seating.

Stylised furniture in mauve; turquoise accents punctuate the entire venue all designed with a sense of purpose from the petite elegant club chairs to the high back parlour loungers, beautiful hand made hexagonal screens separate the various private area.Bespoke Bronze shimmer beams form layers washed with amber LEDs.

Grapes Design also spent time refining all the lighting, simulating lumin levels through complex lighting programs; computer models. We created a series of wall, floor standing; raft chandeliers made entirely from “ copper Mesh” – “ we had always wanted to use this incredible material, the way it holds the light is perfect for a bar environment.”

The attention to detail from the hand coloured turquoise mosaic tiles, to the metal laser cut patternation of the bar fascia. All these elements created a sense of occasion, gave the bar layers of substance. Individual bottle cabinets form walls of vintage bottles hand selected for the rarity.

The bar is now open has been an over night success, full to capacity in its first week of trading, its gone beyond all expectations.

Photography by Michael Franke

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