Dirty Martini – Monument

The latest Dirty Martini, a basement bar on Lovat Lane, Monument, has a smaller 350 person capacity than St Paul’s which is one of the many differences between the sites.

Scott Matthews, chief executive of CG Restaurants & Bars, described these differences as important because “People know that they will have consistency wherever they go but each bar has its own individuality and character, we don’t do cookie cutter. Each site has its own unique touches but it is still clearly a Dirty Martini.”

This Dirty Martini continues with the vintage theme started in Hanover Square, but at the same time having its own look. The main bar is on the left as you come in, while on the right is a striking vaulted bar area with a back bar designed to resemble a 1950’s style cocktail cabinet. Also in this area is a unique lighting sculpture made of polished metal evoking a sophisticates take on the classic speakeasy style venue.

Photography by Michael Franke

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Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2013
Golden Bar Award 2012
Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2012