Grapes Design

Grapes Design started life 18 years ago and are a consultancy that specialise in Commercial Interior Design and Architecture within the Leisure, Hospitality and Retail sectors.

Undertaking the creation of future trends and articulating initial concept schemes to completed operational sites. Grapes Design has the ability to transform a space both functionally and aesthetically, creating an outstanding experience. Our desires intend on forming an attractive concept through the works of integrated graphics, sensual fabrics and to integrate bespoke lighting and furniture.

We are committed to, and place particular emphasis upon, the encouragement of collaborating closely with both the client and the nominated contractor representatives at all stages of a project. This ensures that the objectives and operation requirements are identified, effectively implemented, and are coordinated with the team members to deliver the project on time, to budget. Most importantly, the focus of client satisfaction is key and the design aims to respond back to their target vision.

The team is extremely talented with formidable experience. Winning recognised awards from both the hospitality and retail sectors, this has given us recognition for our dedication for work that we have conducted throughout the past decades,” says director Darren Grapes.

Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2013
Golden Bar Award 2012
Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2012